Specialist Translation Services

Specialist Translation Services

Lingo Service understands that to achieve high quality translations, you need experienced translators to carry out an expert translation with relevant knowledge and experience in a variety of specialised areas.

This is referred to in the language services industry as technical translation and covers requirements across all industries such as legal translation, financial services translation or marketing and PR translation.

For these specialist translation requests we use only in-country translators who have a proven background in the discipline you have specified. If you need a press release translated from English into Arabic then you not only want someone to translate into their native language but you also need that person to be experienced in the marketing profession.

Technical Translation Service

In engineering, medical, IT or any other specialist subject, technical translations must be perfect. We use translators with a proven track record and solid technical understanding.

Medical Translation Service

Absolute accuracy is paramount to medical translation. Regardless of your medical field we have professional translators that you can trust. We can assure you of a professional medical translation service

Translation Services for Marketing and PR

Broadcast your marketing and public relations message in all languages! Contact us to find out about translation for marketing and PR.

Banking and Financial Translation Service

If you cannot afford mistakes, don’t risk translation errors in your annual report damaging your share price. We highly recommend investing in our professional financial translation services

Legal Translation Service

Whether you require translations in contract law, employment law, litigation law or other legal fields, we will only use translators with relevant legal experience in your required field. Find out more about our legal translation service by contacting Lingo Service.

Translation for Government and the Public Sector

Speaking to communities in their own language is important for local and national government. With our vast cultural understanding and sensitivity towards other communities and customs we can make it easy for you. Many government organisations require certified translations and we have the solution. 

Manufacturing and Engineering Translation Service

Product manuals, user guides and technical documents all need accurate translation. Contact us for a manufacturing and engineering translation service that is tailored to your needs.

Retail Translation and Leisure Translation

To convey the same look and feel of your brand and products, translations need to be consistent across all languages whether you operate in the retail, leisure or FMCG sectors. Develop an international look to your brand and products with our retail and leisure translation service

Technology and Telecom Translation Service

From software localisation to website translation, your content needs to be accurate and culturally appropriate. In this multilingual digital age, translation is more important than ever.

For more on our specialist translation service please contact us today.