Arabic Proofreading Services

Arabic Proofreading Services

Arabic Proofreading is a fundamental stage of translation and is an extremely useful benefit of using Lingo Service Translations.

For our customers to communicate accurately in other languages, we consider a high quality translation and proofreading to be the main factors in the success of a translation project's completion.

Many companies will try and keep costs and turnaround times low by asking translators to check over their own translated documents. Having an independent translator proofread the work will ensure a perfect translation. It is easier for another professional to check if the original translator has missed anything, correct it, and provide you with a pristine translation.

Proofreading by native translators

As with the majority of projects at Lingo Service, we can advise you on the best option for your required project. Having discussed your needs, taking into consideration language pairs, how the material will be used, legal requirements, and other factors, we will recommend the best option for your project.

We strive to provide the highest possible quality of service to all customers. That’s why we offer our customers an industry first with our premium translation service: a money back guarantee if a customer is unsatisfied with the translation quality.

Generally, a proofreader can check 6,000 words per day, while translators can process around 2000 -3000 words.

If your translation is urgent then Lingo Service can help to accelerate the timescales by using more than one translator. Lingo Service will then assign one proofreader to check all completed translations for consistency. Your project manager will be able to discuss this in full at the outset, to make sure we can deliver the right solution for your project.

However, it isn’t just translations that require proofreading. We also offer monolingual proofreading. So if you have a brochure, document or website that needs to be thoroughly proofread before it is published and shared with your audience in your native language we can send it to a trained proofreader to check that all sentence structures, spelling and grammar is accurate.

Regardless of your content type, your language requirements or your industry, our team can arrange for a proofreader to check for any potentially embarrassing errors in the text. To find out more about our proofreading service, please contact us.