Legal Translation

legal document translation

Fast Legal Document Translation 

Lingo Service specialises in legal and Certified Translation in many languages for clients in the UK and worldwide.

We only assign qualified legal translators and proof-readers to translate your documents. Lingo Service Translations understand that a small error in a contract, for example, could lead to lawsuits and loss of money.

Combining experienced, skilled language professionals, legal industry experts, and project managers makes Lingo Service the ideal partner for the most complex and specialist legal translation requirements.

Notary Translation UK

Lingo Service is a partner with highly reputable Notary Public offices in the UK. We however ask our clients to check whether they really need notarised translations. The procedure for translating to legal equivalence differs from country to another.

Qualified Legal Translators

Lingo Service only assign translation work to translators who either have extensive experience within the legal industry or have undergone legal translation training. This means terminology will always be translated correctly and accurately.

In addition, all our translators work into their own native language, ensuring that the translations read like documents originally written in the target language.