French Translation

French Translation

French Translation Services - Services de traduction en français

Lingo Service is a leading professional French translation service provider in the UK and worldwide. We aim to deliver accurate, fast, and consistent translation services to some big brand names in global business and international affairs.

We specialise in French legal translation for official purposes.

Certified French Translation Services

  • Marriage Certificates
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Translations
  • Diploma Translation

French Sworn Translators to certify your documents

For over 10 years, we’ve honed the skills of our French translator team, to become in the lead among French translation providers for client satisfaction.

This was only possible to achieve by working very close to our translators to assure the quality of the translation process, providing the highest quality, accurate French translation solutions.

Lingo Service is a five-step process. Before we begin the translation, we use translation tools to construct translation memories and develop terminology and French glossaries. Assign the right French translators then translate, edit, and proof for delivery to French reviewers for the final step. We pay great attention to the translation process insuring to deliver the best results.

Things to consider when translating French:

French is a global language spoken in France, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Haiti and another 15 African countries. In Canada the dialect differences are significant, and we must pay great attention to confuse Canadian French with the Metropolitan French which is spoken in the rest of the world. For example the hint of a Québecois accent recording a voice over talent or a French interpreter will bring the session to a halt if anyone from France is listening to it.

It is also a bit more verbose than English, so it is necessary sometimes to consider the text expansion in layout when working on a brochure and also allow for longer timing when recording audio.

Lingo Service strongly recommends using subject area specialists for business translations, legal, technical, or life sciences. For marketing translation and advertising material, we use in-country translators for best results. The same goes for French interpreters.

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