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Desktop Publishing - Multilingual DTP Services

If you need to translate a business card, marketing brochure, technical manual or any other type of document with images or a set layout, then you will require DTP services. Post-translation DTP basically involves reconstructing your document. We offer affordable InDesign translation in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto and all right to left languages.

You may need to maintain your document's layout consistently after you've had it translated. If you have a manual, ad, book or any text with images that you need to market or distribute among a base of international readers, our professional desktop publishing services will adapt your content and images to a set document-standard, preserving your message across all target markets.

Multilingual Brochure Translation

We will translate your Indesign, Illustrator or Photoshop files into any language, all you have to do is send us the source files and we will return them back translated to make your documents communicate as effectively in foreign languages as they do in your source language, while maintaining their appearance and sense across every alphabet. If you only have PDF files, we will rebuild the layout for you.

Usually, translated text expands (often sentence length increases by 30% or more) and so the formatted layout of your document will often have a damaged or problematic layout once translated if the translation is merely pasted back in. To preserve your document's original layout and formatting, Our DTP team will be hard at work, correctly inserting the translation back into your document, and adjusting the layout accordingly, to ensure the layout is pristine!

Graphic Design Translation

Lingo Service provides has the latest software and applications necessary to prepare any DTP project, of any size, in every language, in any format and on any platform.

Our DTP services include:

  • Post–DTP QA checks (content check)
  • Working with mark-up languages such as HTML, SGML, XML as well as online documentation formats such as Acrobat PDF and various others
  • Font management applications
  • Knowledge of various printer drivers and professional PostScript printers
  • Formatting and page layout
  • Creating and editing graphics and screen shots (generic graphics, screen captures, illustrations and diagrams)
  • Converting/generating output of translated material in multiple formats (creating PostScript files and PDF files)

We will do a final proof of document and graphic files before they go to print, or are published, to guarantee the content was not changed in any way during the DTP process, and to ensure that the final version closely resembles the original material.

You can order DTP services online with us, please contact us today to obtain a free quote on your next DTP project.