Certified Translation

Certified Translations for Official Use in the UK and Abroad  

A certified translation is the translation of a document that is followed by a signed statement stating that the translation is accurate and free of errors. These certified documents are generally needed for different official purpose. The certified translation services should be such that their translated documents are approved by different government bodies, medical institutions, educational organizations, courts, etc. in the UK as well as abroad. Hence these documents are of very high importance.

The certified translation services we provide covers a wide range of requirments. Our services is suitable for indivduals and organizations. We as a professional translation agency in the UK understand those needs very well and cater accordingly.

Accuracy is our the primary element in all these aspects. The translated documents we deliver to our clients are a replica of the original ones and the language used is a similar to the one in the parent document as well.

An official translation is actually the translated document that is stamped by an authority. The official requirements for different countries are different. Hence, following a country’s legal system, these documents should be prepared. In the UK, qualified professionals are hired for this purpose.

We at Lingo Service, provides exemplary translation services and we have a team of experts working and constantly researching on certified translation in UK as well as abroad. Hence the expertise that we provide in certified translation services is unparalleled. We leave no room for complaints. If you are interested to avail our service, we request you to call us. We will be glad to extend our services to you.