Face to Face Interpreting

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Business Interpreting Services

In cases where you may need a business interpreter to bridge any communication gap, Lingo Service can provide you with the right professional interpreter for various settings, for all your specifications, whether face to face, on-site, or over the phone interpreting. We can also provide Skype Interpreters.

On-site Business Interpreter

On-site interpreting may be what you require if you have planned appointments where the presence of a professional interpreter is preferable to over the phone interpreting.

Where you are pushed for time, over the phone interpreting may be for you. Used in more unexpected situations where an urgent conveyance of information in a language other than your native tongue is not to be delayed, Lingo Service can help here too!

Our interpreters are capable of accurately conveying complex linguistic arguments from and into a variety of languages and can be scheduled for assignments, in-person.

With the crucial demands of the legal, business, and medical industries, only highly accredited professional interpreters will do.

Highly trained and accredited interpreters

We understand the importance of cultural awareness, and so the gender and dialect of the interpreter can be specified.

Lingo Service can provide on-site interpreters for any purpose or industry, including medical, legal, financial, retail, insurance, government, emergency services, telecom, manufacturing and transportation.

Why you should contact Lingo Service...

You may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of interpretation service suppliers available. However, the challenge lies in finding a provider with the experience and professionalism you can trust to get the job done successfully every time. We at Lingo Service always keep our promises of delivering high-standard services to you, our clients.

To book an Interpreter, please contact Lingo Service for more information.