Certified Translation

Birth Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is the translation of birth certificate from one language to another in order to be submitted for official use or other legal purposes.  

During certified translation of birth certificate, the primary content from the document is presented in a table form. Accuracy matters a lot specially when it comes to spelling of names, dates and other related details, we pay extra attention for such details making sure that all the details are correct and reflect the data from the original document.

Sometimes translating the birth certificates becomes necessary for certain official reasons such as UK Visa applications or immigration process where both the original as well as the translated one can be submitted. A professional translation agency as well as an offical document translation service provider is needed for this service as there are many intricate details that have to be translated.

Important things to consider while translation of birth certificates

  • Accuracy of data
  • Name Spelling
  • Dates 
  • Layout format 

Who should do your certified translation of birth certificates in UK?

When you are requested to submit a certified translation of birth certificates, you should only contact an authorized and registered translation agency in UK where the certified translation will be accepted and recognized by governmental authorities such as home office, UK Border Agency, Courts of Law, and other government agencies.

The certified translation generally comes along with a signed declaration by the translator that the document is translated accurately including all information from the original document. 

Why Lingo service should be your choice for your Birth certificate translation.

If you are looking for a translation agency in the UK, who will provide you with professional certified translation services for your birth certificate, then Lingo Service is the perfect choice for you.

Lingo Service Translations is a professional translation service agency with offices in London and Cardiff. We provide a high-quality certified translation services through a team of qualified translators for Legal Document Translation in over 100 languages.

Over the years, we have been providing professional document translation services for individuals and corporates; meeting customer’s satisfaction. 

Lingo Service is also a proud member of Institute of Translation and interpreting. We use this membership stamp on all our translated documents to signify to the authorities concerned that your documents are certified translations. 

How to order your Birth Certificate Translation?

Simply call us at 02089355635 or send us a scanned copy of your birth certificate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a FREE no obligation quote within 15 minutes.

Contact us today by phone or email to learn more about how our professional document translation services can help you succeed.