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Bank Statement Translation

Bank statements are histories of transactions of a bank account showing the movement of money and income resources such as monthly salaries or any additional income resources. Such transactional history is a must if you are planning to visit the UK for pleasure or for business. Students coming in to study in the UK also need to have their bank statements submitted to the responsible authorities to prove their fiscal standing and be able to study in the country without any problems or disruptions. Bank statements are also necessary while applying for loans or mortgages in the UK, or for starting a business venture in the country.

The Need for Bank Statement Translation

People need to translate Bank Statements for many reasons such as visa applications while immigrating or moving from one country to another. They are required for legal purposes to submit an evidence of income which usually comes in the form of bank statements, especially if the documents were issued in a different country rather than the UK. Also if you are applying for bank loans or mortgages; a certified translation of bank statements will be required, especially if the original document is in a language other than English. For other bank related proceedings as well, such as transferring accounts from a foreign bank to a bank in the UK, or similar proceedings, offical and certified translation of bank statements is a must.

bank statement translation

Certified Translation of Bank Statement

A certified translation agency should be the one you contact to handle such type of translation. Bank statements have a lot of technicalities and financial terms which need to be accurately translated and a lot of values which need to be precisely depicted. Any discrepancy might lead to your bank statement becoming inapplicable. Only a professional translation agency can accurately translate these technical terms to mean exactly what they meant in the original and make sure that no value is overlooked or erroneously filed. Bank statements are generally confidential documents, and complete privacy is something which only professional translators can provide. Service should also be prompt and within time. Professional translation agencies provide quick turnaround times. 

Bank statement translation

Bank Statement Certified Translation Accepted by UK Authorties 

We at Lingo Service provide a reliable and accurate certified translation for bank statement translation by maintaining a quick turnaround time, prompt delivery, accurate depictions and precise translations. As we are an authorized translation agency, our translation is accepted by the Home Office and most of the authorities of UK. We are also a member of the ITI, which makes us dependable and expert service providers in our field. We translate all types of bank statements, keeping in mind to maintain the arrangement and design to be the same as the original. Therefore, we invite you to contact us at the earliest and avail the best bank statement translation that UK has to offer.

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How to Order Your Certified Translation of Bank statement?

Simply e-mail us a scanned copy of your bank statement documents or you can upload them directly through our contact us page. One of our project management team will then receive the documents and send you a quote for your translation and estimated delivery time.


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